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Hudson models '48 - '53


Originally Published: 2/12/2003
Mitch Silver

Market value report for:

Hudson step down models 1948-1953

What is desirable about these cars is the unique look and styling feature of the step down design. Many models were made and both six cylinders and straight eight engine were available.

The four doors are the lowest value while the two doors are in the middle and the Commodore 8’s are the higher value. The highest value and it is quite high and going up is for the convertibles. Many collectors would love to have a convertible in their collections so when these come for sale there is always spirited and competitive bidding.

Four doors in show condition $16,000, in excellent condition $12,000, in good condition $6,000.

Two door models in show condition $18.000, in excellent condition $14,000, in good condition $7,000.

Convertibles in show condition $$45,000, in excellent condition $32,000, in good condition $24,000 in drivable condition $10,000.

Note, a Commodore 8 should bring 10% more than the prices listed above.

Condition definitions:

Show condition: line up 100 of the best restored examples this is the top two from that group, it is a frame off, not a frame up restoration everything has been rechromed or polished including the door handles and window trim.
Excellent condition: fresh paint, fresh major pieces of chrome freshly redone interior to stock configuration, fresh wide whites and a fresh engine. This car would be without flaws at all from 15 feet away while a very discriminating eye would definitely find items to fault form perfect.
Good condition: this car looks excellent form 20 feet away but at fifteen feet you can see that paint, chrome and interior are very good but have clearly visible flaws. A good condition car is nice enough to be used and driven everyday and will turn heads at thirty miles an hour.
Drivable condition; is a complete car that can be driven at this time and it looks presentable from thirty feet away but a closer inspection shows that it needs rechroming, paint, mechanical and interior work to be excellent.


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