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Volvo Models '57 - '73


Originally Published: 2/12/2003
Mitch Silver

Market value information for:

Volvos; models; P 1800, P 1800 ES, PV 444, PV 544, PV 445, P 210, P 1900 years 1957-1973

The particular year of the Volvo does not usually affect its value, nor does any particular options on the cars. The options include manual transmission (with overdrive on P 1800’s an P 1800 ES’s), a leather interior option and on the last cars an air-conditioning option. None of these affect value although a personal preference might persuade a buyer to favor a car because of these options. Frankly unlike many other cars I myself do not prefer the AC and leather since the ac works poorly in the best of conditions and I much prefer the stick to the automatic and Volvo’s leather had a tendency to dry out and crack prematurely. The one option that is quite valuable is the Factory wood and metal roof rack on the 544 and 210 station wagons. A restored roof rack is worth two to three thousand dollars on top of the vehicles value (no pun intended). An unrestored roof rack is worth over $1,000.

P 1800 1961-1972 In show condition either fully restored to stock or a low mileage untouched vehicle in excellent condition $15,000-$17,000, in excellent condition or original car showing light but visible wear $8,000-$10,000, in good condition (looking excellent from twenty feet away but on closer inspection it show flaws throughout) $3,000-$4,500

P 1800 ES sports wagon 1972-1973 these follow the exact same value for condition as the P 1800’s

PV 444 and PV 544 1957-1965 (note PV 444 were made prior to 1957 but are extremely rare although their value only increases slightly) In show condition $9,000-$12,000, in excellent condition $4,000-$6,000, in good condition $2,000-$3,000

PV 445 and P 210 station wagons (Note these are very hard to find car with almost a cult following) In show condition $15,000-$18,000, in excellent condition $7,000-$9,000, in good condition $4,000-$6,000

P 1900 1957 this is Volvo’s fiberglass sports car in convertible trim. Only 67 of these cars were ever manufactured in one year only and most came to the US. These are very rare and buyers are looking for them and would generally be willing to take on an extensive restoration project to acquire one of these cars. Show condition $17,000-$23,000 Excellent condition $10,000-$15,000 and good condition $5,000-$7,000 in rough condition $3,000-$5,000

Special note 1, A handful of P 1800 convertibles were built around 1965 at an aftermarket company in New York. I have never seen a restored one but I have seen an unrestored example come for sale I would estimate its value at $1,00-$2,000 higher than a standard P 1800.

Special note 2, Originality is a very important factor in early Volvo’s for example a B 16 engine is more valuable than a B 18 which in turn is more valuable than a B 20 the problem comes when a restorer takes the easy way out a replaces and early engine with a later engine. As the engines progressed they got lower and lower gas mileage. I have never seen the very early B 14 engine it is rare.

Special note 3, Volvo’s were well balanced and engineered cars but unfortunately many components were prone to fail over time and use, for example it is rare to find a working oil temperature gauge, or a working brake servo (most have been bypasse), also the oil cooler is often bypassed and finally an intact working venetion blind radiator screen activated from inside the car is very rare.

Special note 4, very often when you see a “restored” Volvo it has been modified in addition to the newer engine mentioned above they often have custom interiors, wheels and non stock paint and although these car are very nice they will generally be worth less than the prices quoted above.


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