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'55-'57 Chevrolets


Originally Published: 2/27/2003
Mitch Silver

Market Report for 1955-1957 Chevrolets excepting Corvette

The “Tri-Chevy’s” as they are called are a series of the singularly most popular collectible vehicles. These cars represented Chevrolet first V-8 engine option since 1915 and they were a new, clean and contemporary body style that has shown its ability to stand the test of time. Each year is clearly distinguishable with 1955’s having a straight body side molding on the rear quarter panels and 1956’s having those same moldings sweep downward while the 1957 featured both a straight line molding and an angled top molding creating and elongated sideways “V” on the rear quarter panel. The 1957 also had a (unique to the year) hood ornamentation consisting of twin small forward edge scoops with a small upright fin set in the hood. When you thinks of the 50’s cars these years of Chevy’s epitomize the genera.

The number of body styles and options make for a staggering number of choices. I’ll try to present the choices in a manner that make sense. The models were 150 (base model), 210 (mid level), Bel Air (top of the line). The body styles include: from the most desirable to the least desirable, Convertible (Bel Air only), two door hardtop (called the sport coupe and not available in the 150 series). Nomad station wagon (Bel Air only), two-door sedan often called post, four door hardtops, station wagons and four door sedans.

These cars had many options the most valuable are listed below: Fuel injected engine (1956 and 1957), Dual four barrel carburetors (1957 only), V-8 engine (265 cid for 1955 and 283 for 56 and 57), four speed transmission rumors exist but none are documented, all transmissions are of equal value excepting the three on the tree is a deduct on all cars except the rare 1957 Black Widow (two door post with fuel injection). Power windows, Power seats, power steering, power brakes, power antenna and even a power ashtray (vacuum assist) were available. Air conditioning is very desirable and wheel covers consisted of baby caps to full wheel covers and even spinners and wire caps (1956) were options.

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