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Current Auction: Portland/Vancouver Fall Auction 2016 on October 8th, 2016

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Location, location, location....Vancouver is the perfect city in the Pacific Northwest for an early spring and mid-fall collector car auction. The early warming in the spring and the lingering late fall moderation makes Vancouver and its spacious Clark County Event Center the place to begin and end Silver's most noted specialty car events in the Pacific Northwest. The key to the Vancouver sale is Silver's shaping of the mix of cars offered at the auction. Our objective is to get at least 3 good feature cars in the categories of classic, muscle, sports, luxury, street rod... in either the unrestored, restored, tribute or custom class. Throw in a vintage car and an exotic or two and you have a buffet of collector cars that have become known as the Vancouver mix. Vancouver is a combination of Seattle and San Francisco 25 years ago before The Attitude and stratospheric cost of living seeped in. Because of this Vancouver is special and can be characterized as--- there's money but not flashiness... there's playfulness with no pretense... there's a love of cars but with a let's talk attitude. It is refreshing to do business with the absence of the take it or leave it attitude. Silver's Vancouver Auctions are whole family auctions. One of our most noted auction experiences was a three car purchase by a fortyish working couple. A restored '67 Camaro for the husband, a lower mileage Mercedes SL for the wife's commute and a unrestored Mercury Cougar XR7 for the son going off to college.

Friday, October 7, 2016
Vehicle Check In - Noon to 6PM

Saturday, October 8, 2016 **$10 ADMISSION**
Preview and Bidder Registration - 8am to 10am
Auction - 10am to 8pm

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