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Current Auction: Portland Fall Auction 2015 on September 26th, 2015

Lot #:    124
Year:    1978
Make:    Volkswagen
Model:    Westfalia
Body Style:    Van
Exterior Color:    Mustard Yellow
Interior Color:    Green Plaid
# of Cylinders:    4
Transmission:    Manual
Description:    My Bus is a 1978. In 1977 the Bus was upgraded from a carburated 1800cc engine to a Bosch fuel-injected 2000cc. In '78, they improved the fuel injection lines. In '79, the last year for the Bus, they redesigned the heads slightly for the worse (I heard somewhere). Then this engine was used for ~ 3 years in the new Vanagon. So the '78 bus is about as modern as you can get and still have a Bus. This 78 was a California car and still runs the original smog converter on the exhaust. Also have a lot of documentation. It was not air conditioned but has the AC fans from another 78 for cool breezes on hot days. Repainted '76 mustard/butter yellow over 15 years ago but always in a heated garage so paint is still shiny. Moss green interior; the juxtaposition of the two colors is kind of psychedelic. Brown-patterned Vanagon front seats with arm-rests from the early 80's in excellent condition make this Bus comfortable to drive. Original green/gold plaid back seat and green carpeting in good condition. Mercedes Benz rubber strips glued to front and rear bumpers. New windshield. New battery. Good 6-ply 50psi light truck tires. Guaranteed waves every few miles. The engine was rebuilt 20-30,000 miles ago and still runs perfectly (except for a sticky lifter sometimes if the engine has sat for months). Bus has an in-dash oil temperature gauge combined with a remote 10" x 12" oil cooling radiator underneath with a 180 degree thermostat and a remote oil filter. This keeps engine temperatures at reasonable levels with the exception of very hot days, very long hills, and strong headwinds typical of these things. A new clutch was installed with the engine rebuild of course. The transmission is good; I always make a little hitch into 1st going into 2nd to save the syncros. Many spare parts including (2) FI air meters and computer from another 78 Westy owned previously before several deer and a blown engine turned it into a parts car for the current 78 eighteen years ago. You'll get two shop manuals, owners manual, and 27 years worth of spare parts as well. This Westfalia option has a sink with running water, ice chest, and several storage cabinets and drawers all on the driver's side. It also has several "rare?" options: mosquito net for rear, children's hammock for the front, swivel passenger seat, and an original front curtain plus a Scooby Do sunscreen. Newer top canvas in good condition with 3 good working window zippered windows. The front window gives you access to the exterior storage well above the front seats. Window curtains are all in good condition along with their tie-backs. I've driven this vehicle the entire circumference of Mexico (just prior to the engine rebuild), to New York and back, and to Fairbanks and back and am quite certain it would do a repeat performance as is. Why am I replacing my beloved 78 Bus with a 90 Vanagon? I'm 6'-5 and have always had to duck to see out the windows of the bus. I'll miss it's cool good looks.
Condition:    3.0

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